Meetup: Twitter Analytics with Neo4j & Docker

Am 09. August 2016 findet bei uns im Hause ein Meetup zum Thema „Twitter Analytics with Neo4j & Docker“ statt.

Da die Teilnehmerzahl gegrenzt ist, bitten wir um Anmeldung unter:

Und hier ist die Agenda des Abends:

The Neo4j developer relations team (Ryan Boyd and Will Lyon) is in town and we have a guest, John Swain from right relevance.

Between us we have a lots of experience of analysing Twitter (and other communication dataflows and want to talk about it).

Graph your Twitter Network

Ryan will show how to use a Docker setup for an ingestion pipeline to read tweets, followers and second degree information to be queried from Twitter and inserted into Neo4j instance. This work is accessible for everyone under and written about on our blog.

Twitter Analytics and Visualization

John will talk about his work of analyzing Tweets to find insights about topics like the Ebola spread or the Brexit. His approach involves applying a number of graph algorithms to the data to create inferred networks and then find the most relevant people and clusters in those networks and visualize the results in a comprehensible way. John writes about his findings on Medium.

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Datum: 09.08.2016 17:00 - 19:00

buschmais GbR,
Leipziger Straße 93,
01127 Dresden

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